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Hi there!

Hi there!

I’ve always been obsessed with content. As a kid, I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on – the longer the book, the better.

Once social media and technology took hold of all of us, I channeled that thirst for knowledge into the internet.

I moved to NYC in 2012 after finishing my undergraduate degree in music business and music theory/history (I’m that music nerd). After moving to the city, I began working in the nonprofit arts focusing on digital media.

Today, I work in digital marketing from home with my two cats.

my favorite things

web design and development
what i use
tools my clients use

Many of my clients use the same tools that I use on my website, but sometimes we need to try something a little different!

digital marketing and organization

I read a lot! I read most of these newsletters on my daily commute or if I need a little mental break from work. Some of these newsletters (like The Daily Carnage and The Broadway Briefing) are a little more niche, but they all provide great content.

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