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Hi there!

Hi there!

I’ve always been obsessed with content. As a kid, I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on – the longer the book, the better.

Once social media and technology took hold of all of us, I channeled that thirst for knowledge into the internet.

From perusing social media channels, absorbing website layouts and studying best practices, I want to learn it all.

I moved to NYC in 2012 after finishing my undergraduate degree in music business and music theory/history (I’m that music nerd). After moving to the city, I began working in the nonprofit arts focusing on digital media.

Once I began my professional career, I started to work more and more with singers to help them build their online presence. From social media to content creation and creating a website, we’ve covered it all. Plus, my contacts in the industry give me the insider information to know what you need to move forward in your career NOW.

I’ve worked with singers and small business owners at all stages of their career, and I’m excited to begin your journey with you.

my favorite things

web design and development

what i use

tools my clients use

Many of my clients use the same tools that I use on my website, but sometimes we need to try something a little different!

digital marketing and organization



I read a lot! I read most of these newsletters on my daily commute or if I need a little mental break from work. Some of these newsletters (like The Daily Carnage and The Broadway Briefing) are a little more niche, but they all provide great content.

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